Who Else Uses Beacons?

Where do you find Beacons in the wild?

August 25, 2015  By the Marketing Team

Normally we like to blog about various happenings, achievements and updates at BoxBeacon.  This week we wanted to take a different approach and talk about beacons in general and why you will be encountering them more and more in your daily life.  Beacon use is one of the next big technology waves and BoxBeacon is at the front of it with our real estate applications.   There are many other uses for beacons beyond real estate though, and here are some of the more popular companies using them already

  • Macy's - They have deployed beacons in almost 800 stores nationwide that track customer movements within their stores.  The beacons push product recommendations, discounts, and let customers know about sale items.
  • Lord & Taylor - Over 130 Lord & Taylor stores use beacons to send shoppers targeted notifications, personalized offers, and branded content on various popular brands.
  • Starwood Hotels - They are doing a very cool iBeacon trial at some of their hotels and resorts.  Their program aims to help the concierge greet guests by name and speed up the check-in process.  Beacons can let housekeeping know when guests are still in the room.  They are also testing a program that will allow guests to skip the check-in process all together and go straight into their rooms via a keyless entry system in conjunction with their smartphones.
  • Major League Baseball - The MLB has iBeacons in use at 28 of 30 ballparks in the US.  The beacons are used to push merchandise coupons and seat upgrades via their app using bluetooth.  They also offer venue maps, concession stand info and game replay videos. 
  • American Airlines - A test program at the Dallas Fort Worth airport is using iBeacons to help customers navigate the airport better.  They provide information such as distance to gates, boarding times, and closest security check lines.
  • Walgreens - At their Duane Reade locations in New York, they are using iBeacons to feature weekly ads, coupons, and pill reminders.  You can also schedule appointments, save shopping lists, and order photo prints.
  • American Eagle Outfitter- They are using beacons to identify customers and complete a corresponding action.  For example, they can add loyalty points to a customer's account without the customer even having to pull their phone out of their pocket.
  • SWSX - The popular music festival used iBeacons and their mobile app to improve user registration experiences.  They also placed beacons at various event venues that welcomed attendees, encouraged them to join discussions about a session, and tweet about their experiences.

These are a few of many companies who are starting to integrate beacons into their business.  The number of ways beacons can be used is vast and constantly expanding.  It is exciting to see how different solutions can make an experience better for a customer.