What is next in BoxBeacon?

Some Exciting New BoxBeacon Features

June 17, 2015  By the Dev Team
The development group is excited and high on the new app smell. There is no way we are going to let the marketing and product management folks steal the limelight on this next release. Since we control the website, their phones, and their emails, it is very easy for us to push them out of the way and steal the glory for ourselves and our glorious beards we have grown while coding this release.

Let's start with features because we have some amazing ones rolling out:

Mobile and Web Sync: Let's be honest, we are hunters and gathers and sometimes you don't want to view your finds on your phone screen. Starting with the next release, you can manage any of your saved listings on any internet connected device, including your toaster.

Streamlined Login: Not everyone wants to log in to every app. We get it. With the latest version of the app, you have the option to create an account with minimal information if you want to save properties across devices or skip that process entirely.

Connect with Your Agent: If your agent thinks you should check out a house, they can add it to your list. If you want more information about a house that you have seen, you can ping your real estate agent for more information with the tap of a button. We really hope to streamline the process so no one misses their potential perfect home.

Request a Showing: You want to see the inside of the house without being arrested? Easy. Click a button, select the time and a text message will be sent to the contacts on the listing. The agent controls if this feature is available for a specific property and can block out times that already have a conflict.

Events, Special Places, and Other Beacon type: The app can now give you more information about open houses, schools, parks and much more. If you don't like this, you can easily toggle it off under settings.

Even Better Analytics: We get that no one wants their movement tracked but there are important things we can learn by looking at how people interact with the data they receive. We anonyomize all the data we collect and can provide agents with meaningful statistics about their homes. The agent can see the total number of views, deletes, and shares for each property so they can make better pricing and upgrade decisions. This feedback creates a win–win situation for all parties involved.

We are Rollin,' Rollin', Rollin'.

We cannot thank our beta testers enough for their help. We have gathered thousands of property lookups on our web service. This data has allowed us to make further optimizations in property lookup speed and overall performance. While we are not quite ready to move out of beta, we are excited to move into beta 2.0.

What is Beta 2.0?

Honestly something marketing came up with. Bottom line, we have the capacity to add more users and more beacons. The best part, participating in the beta is completely free as long as you have a property listing around the area we are currently testing. We will supply as many beacons as you have property listings and of course there will be no service fees or beacon fees for the lifetime of the beacon (which should be a really long time or the development group will be delivering you new ones with cookies)!

We would also like to post a list of all real estate agents and brokerages that have adopted BoxBeacons. This list will be published on our website and used in future planned features such as "Recommend an Agent".

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