Real Estate Agents: A Video Introduction to BoxBeacon

Property Marketing Made Easy for Real Estate Agents

June 4, 2015  By the Marketing Team
Part of the challenge of starting a new company is explaining to everyone what your awesome new product is. It's often not as simple as you might think. It all may make sense in your own head, but it's your baby afterall. Distilling the message into something short yet meaningful can prove a Herculean task.

One way to do this is through an explainer video since the visual component can really drive the story home. In the past, video production was prohibitively expensive for new companies. Thankfully that's not true anymore. There are a ton of awesome platforms, like Raw Shorts, that enable you to put your pitch together in a way an 8 year old could understand... if an 8 year old cared about beacon apps for real estate agents.

So let me present to you our very first explainer video. Be sure to share it with your fellow real estate agents who might be interested in joining our BoxBeacon beta program. Your very first BoxBeacon is absolutely free!