Beacons in the Real Estate Field

5 Things You Didn't Know About BoxBeacon

June 25, 2015  By the Marketing Team
Using Bluetooth LE beacons is a relatively new concept in the real estate world and some might think they are just the new QR code. But we think you will be surprised at how quickly they have taken off and how they are being able to supplement existing listings. Here are 5 quick facts about BoxBeacons:

  1. BoxBeacons are already out there being used. That's right! We already have nearly 100 beacons deployed throughout The Woodlands. The BoxBeacon pilot program with real estate agents is now in full swing and is continuing to grow at a steady rate within the community. The more BoxBeacons that are placed on For Sale signs, the easier it is to share and get listing information. Agents can market their properties with almost no effort at all, anxious home sellers can see the magic working with real data about prospect interactions, and home buyers can actively search for homes while doing what they do every day -- just driving around.
  2. BoxBeacons are no big foot. Take a look for yourself. Spot the BoxBeacon? It's very subtle. You can see that it's a low-profile device that easily blends into any For Sale sign without detracting from the branding of the real estate company. BoxBeacon is all about coming alongside the home seller and the agent to make property marketing so much easier than in the past.
  3. Beacons are not the next QR Code failure. Without analyzing the failed launch of the QR code (you can read the stats for yourself here), suffice it to say they never really took off. Marketers loved them, but the public -- not so much. Let's be honest. How many of you even have a QR scanner on your phone, and if you drive by an interesting looking property, how likely are you really to stop and scan a QR code? As of 2013 only 21% of smartphone owners had ever even scanned a QR code. It seemed like a great idea but not really a holistic solution to the house searching/property marketing needs of agents and buyers. BoxBeacons behave differently. They are invited to engage with the user's world through permissions and no extra labor per property. This keeps the customer actively engaged with the property.
  4. Don't slow down. BoxBeacons are present. Unlike with the previously mentioned QR codes or the laminated flyers you sometimes see affixed to For Sale signs, both of which require a full stop, BoxBeacons work at full speed. You can be driving pretty damn fast (following the speed limit, of course) and still get the property's information. Let's be honest, in today's busy world, we don't always have time to immediately stop and look at another distraction around us. In fact, you don't even need to be within visual range of the property. As long as the listing matches your filter criteria and you are within 200 feet, the info will pop up on your phone. These BoxBeacons may be small, but they are really powerful. See for yourself:
  5. BoxBeacons put information in the palm of your hand. It's really that simple. You drive by a property sign with a BoxBeacon on it and the most up-to-date information about that home will show up on the app, including details like the correct price (this can often be wrong on flyers in flyer boxes), the listing agent, all the property features, and best of all you can request a showing right from your phone. You can also choose to highlight other things dynamically without having to reprint anything. Having an open house this weekend? Now your customers know with a single click.
  6. BoxBeacons are reusable and easily updated. What!! This is number six!?! We are sneaky. When you sell the property and pull your sign, your BoxBeacon is ready for its next assignment. Just login to the web portal and update the BoxBeacon with your new property listing or event. If it needs to go into storage for a bit, you can inactivate it online too.

The BoxBeacon beta program is in high gear in The Woodlands. Agents, come join us and participate in this COMPLETELY RISK FREE program.