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Seriously, what is a BoxBeacon? It sounds like you made that up.

March 28, 2015  By the Dev Team

Well technically we did. BoxBeacon is our brand name for our line of Bluetooth BLE beacons. These beacons broadcast values that allow them to be identified by the BoxBeacon application that you download to your smartphone. The information that is broadcasted consists of 3 basic components - the UUID, Major, and Minor. All BoxBeacons broadcast the same UUID. This is how we know that it is a BoxBeacon and not a refrigerator. The Major and Minor are two numbers that in combination uniquely identify each BoxBeacon.

By itself, any type of beacon is not very cool. It needs a brain to connect the three pieces of information with something else. That is where the BoxBeacon app comes into play. When you download the app and drive by a property that has a BoxBeacon, the app will detect it and call out to the website, anonymously asking for information based on the Major and Minor, plus the current filter settings. If a match is found and the match fits within your filter parameters, the website will return all information about that property.

Why did we call it a BoxBeacon? Marketing recommended that we tell a story about how a box represents a house or a commercial building and that our beacons lead the way blah blah blah. The real reason is very simple, a BoxBeacon is a beacon in a box.

The whole setup is actually simple. The challenges all arrive when you have to connect all the parts in real-time, in all conditions and with a solid battery life. Check out some of our test methods.

We are looking for Real Estate Agents in The Woodlands, Texas

We are giving away free BoxBeacons and more to agents willing to participate in beta testing. There is no risk to you, everything is completely free. Sign up for more information.