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When is the Great Beacon Hunt Happening?

April 2, 2015  By the "Marketing" Team

Who would think that you have to specify "plastic" eggs
when you tell your developers to make Easter egg beacons?!?
Well, it was supposed to happen at the start of April. The marketing planners that we are, we had it all set up to correspond with Easter so it would be like an Easter Egg hunt where instead of melted chocolate you would find money and prizes. Unfortunately, our developers f#@ked it up. They blame the Apple application process but we marketers know that excuse is code for lazy (see note below).

We want the contest to work correctly and we want to show off our cool new technology so now we are pushing it back about two weeks - around April 15th-ish.

Our CPA recommended calling it the "Taxes Are Bad So Download an App and Find Free Money Instead of Trying to Change Difficult Tax Laws that Make it Hard to do Your Own Taxes Scavenger Hunt", which is clearly why they are kept in a cage 11 months a year. We have been thinking about calling the event “Tax Day Distraction” or “Best Reason to File for a Tax Extension Contest” but we are getting some blowback from some people who are clearly not dreamers. Likely we will just call it “Download Our App to Possibly Win Stuff” or “Find a BoxBeacon Contest - Yeah Free Money!!!”.

The event, which again is delayed due to our lazy developers, will be really simple. You download the app and we will drop hints as to where each beacon is located. You don’t have to get out of your car or touch anything dirty like with geocaching. You just drive by and the beacon will be detected and you will be informed you are the winner if you are the first to discover it. There will be official contest rules when the time comes. We have already asked the designers to put them in the smallest font possible.

If you are interested in participating in the event or just getting a text that the games are underway, enter your email or cell number in the box below. Real Estate Agents - you can play too and get a free beacon to try on your property!
Check our privacy policy out. We will not be selling your info or annoying you. Pinky promise.

PS Really we credit this survivor's guide for working with developers for helping us how to work with these folks, and now we’re off to find more beer and pizza to feed our cranky beasts.